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Hi, I’m Sarah

I teach salon owners, booth renters and commission cosmetologist the profitable action steps for building a retirement for your financial freedom!

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Download One of My Freedom Cheat Sheets to get rid of debt, set a budget and set some serious goals, and get to living your best life.

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"Sarah grew my Salon retail sales by 33% with Just one class. She’s very authentic. I love that she teaches business classes ! Our industry needs more classes like hers!"
Heidi Clark
Salon Owner | Springfield, IL
"I like Sarah's style of coaching because she didn’t make me feel stupid. I met Sarah in 2017 I didn’t have a retirement set up and had been working in the industry for about 5 years. She help me set up a budget and start saving for retirement and savings account. Actually I’d be screwed if it wasn’t for her because when the pandemic hit I actually had savings put back. So many of my friends couldn’t make one months booth rent."
Autumn Kariott
Stylist | Chicago, IL
"I did not know what a Roth IRA was, my parents didn’t really teach me anything about retirement plans. Sarah helped me with a budget, and I started saving my tips, now I’m on Track to be a millionaire by 57 years old. I honestly can say I wouldn’t have a retirement account set up if it wasn’t for her."
Stylist | Tamaroa, Il
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