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Getting Out Of Debt

I dug myself out of $49K of debt in 13 months. I decided I didn’t want to be a slave to the lenders any more. How did I get myself in that much debt? Easy, CREDIT CARDS. I bought what I wanted, when I wanted. When I started as a Matrix educator, I would travel and teach classes and put my expenses on a CC and then when I got paid, I would never apply that to my CC. Needless to say, it added up quickly! But let me just say WOW the freedom you feel when you’re debt free is like nothing else. It is so nice when the slow months happen in the salon, I’m not busting my butt to try and get new guests in or running specials to try and fill my books for extra cash ! I’m taking time off, traveling and spending time with my family. Wherever you are in your journey it’s ok, it’s never too late to start knocking out debt and saving for your future!

Why did I start this Coaching business called Salon Freedom?

┬áIn the summer of 2019 I was teaching on stage at community college in Harrisburg, IL. Around 100 stylist attended, after my segment a sweet white hair older lady made her way up to me said “Hun I wish I would’ve met you 30 years ago”. Guys this lady was 82 years old, and STILL working behind the chair, she had multiple credit cards because she was supporting grandchildren through college. HERE ME OUT. There is a difference between working because you truly love your career and working because you FINANCIALLY have to. Wouldn’t it be nice to have that choice?

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